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The Premiere Laser (pictured below) is sleek and futuristic. The Premiere is also the lowest priced professional cosmetic laser in the world. This laser is designed to provide basic functionality to get you into the laser business at a very affordable price. Even though the Premiere is affordable, it does not sacrifice quality or performance.

The Premiere comes with a heavy duty roll-a-bout floor stand so you can easily move the laser where it is needed. With 56 high quality laser diodes, the Premiere is a true professional laser. The Premiere comes with everything you need to get started.

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Client sitting under Premiere Laser
Premiere Hair Therapy Laser
Premiere Laser lights
Close-up of Premiere laser diodes
The Premiere Laser is so easy to use. Just press one button to start the laser and the built-in timer will shut-off the laser.
The Premiere Laser has a sleek, compact design to fit into any salon of spa. It uses a regular wall outlet and no special wiring required.
Lasers use no supplies, so the operational cost is minimal and the profit margin is high.
The Premiere Laser has 56 high quality diodes to spread the laser light evenly across the scalp and hair.



(The most popular laser for salons)

Salon Lasers Elite II is a complete redesign of our Elite 90 Laser. The Elite II sets a new standard for professional hair lasers. The modern design is stylish and compact, yet delivers the power of 92 laser diodes to give complete scalp and hair coverage. The Elite II Laser (pictured below) is ideal for the salon or spa.

Elite II Laser
Laser Hair Therapy client sitting under the Elite II Laser
View of laser lights in Elite II Laser
Easy to adjust roll-a-bout stand
The Elite II Laser's design is sturdy, yet elegant. There is a built-in timer and the security key allows complete access control.
The Elite II Laser is is easy to operate. Simply adjust the laser hood and press one button to start the laser session. The timer will turn-off the laser when the session is complete.
The Elite II Laser has 92 diodes and a deeper hood to cover even more scalp area than the Premiere Laser.
The roll-a-bout stand is easy to adjust. It takes only a few seconds to situate your client for their session.

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Laser Hair Therapy training manualWe (Literally) wrote the book on how to successfully establish and run a Laser Hair Therapy center in salons and spas... and here is that book.

Craig Black, President of Salon Lasers, Inc., has performed thousands of client consultations, taught classes at industry events and lead seminars on Laser Hair Therapy all across the country. As President of Salon Lasers, Inc., Craig Black has helped more salons and spas get started with a new laser than any other person. All of that knowledge is available to you.

Salon Lasers, Inc. is offering the insight of years of experience to everyone in the form of a training manual and DVD educational program. You can purchase the resources separately or as a set.

If you are interested in the financial opportunity that comes with operating a successful Laser Hair Therapy center, then this is the information you will need to make an informed decision.




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